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Enhanced Book (Z-Book)

It is scientifically proven that students learn more efficiently through language instruction supported by technology. In this direction, a Z-Book application was developed by Yunus Emre Enstitüsü supported with audio recordings, videos and images. Z-Book, a new generation course tool for teaching Turkish to foreigners, has been utilized for teaching at A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 levels since 2014.


I learn Vocabulary with Pictures Thematic Dictionary

Thematic Dictionary titled “I learn Vocabulary with Pictures” is prepared by considering the needs of both Turkish students and teachers. This book features more than 600 words with pictures in 24 different topics determined based on “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages”. In order to speed learning and facilitate recognition, the words are not individually illustrated but presented in a composition. Words introduced in various themes, are practised through activities in following pages.

In index at the last section of the dictionary, titles of themes words are under and the page numbers are given as well as English, Russian and Arabic equivalents of each word in the book.

Setting of from book's contents, a Z-Book application that features audio, image, video and various activities was also developed.

Click to download I learn Turkish with Pictures Z-Book application.

Video Activity Book

A “Video Activity Book” was prepared by initiative of Turkish Education Directorate, to teach Turkish through visual and audio tools. The book featuring 24 videos and activities designed in the scope of these videos, is presented to the use of Turkish students and teachers. Book is a supplemental material prepared for those who continue to learn Turkish at elementary level.

Speaking and Writing Book

“Speaking and Writing Book” is prepared in line with the subjects featured in Yedi İklim Turkish A1 Textbook. The book that improves speaking and writing skills with illustrations, aims to further language development of students at elementary level.

The book features thematic pictures, and questions about the image on the back of pages, the names of objects and sample sentences.

Damak Tadı  (Palatal Delight) Book

A supplemental material called "Damak Tadı" introducing traditional Turkish dishes, was introduced by Turkish Education Directorate. The first of its kind in teaching Turkish to foreigners, the work was prepared in line with the skill acquired at A1 and A2 levels. With the book "Damak Tadı", language and culture are introduced to individuals who recently started learning Turkish.

"Damak Tadı" book featuring recipes of traditional Turkish dishes allow students to both learn the recipes and enjoy improving Turkish skills through various activities. Dishes are under into 10 main titles. The book also features stories behind some dishes.

The book “Damak Tadı” that aims to teach Turkish through traditional Turkish dishes, is designed as a teaching tool to be used in classes and as a cultural activity tool in Turkish cuisine established in cultural centres abroad.

The videos of the book "Damak Tadı", a material that can easily be used by elementary level students, are placed on the pages of the book with as qr codes to be screened on interactive boards and smartphones.

Thematic Language Posters

Language instruction posters are designed in 24 different themes to benefit from visuals in the field of teaching Turkish to foreigners.

The themes of the posters featuring nearly 600 words and pictures at A1 level are as follows:

Family, home, school, buildings, occupations, colours, time, toys, food and drinks, health, warnings, numbers, weather, fruits and vegetables, transportation, our body, our surroundings and the world, animals, sports and spare time.

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