President's Message

President's Message

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

Greetings to all corners of the world!

Active since 2009, Yunus Emre Enstitüsü affiliated to Yunus Emre Foundation, carries out its operations aimed at promoting Türkiye, Turkish language, literature, history, culture and arts and reinforcing the friendship and cultural ties between Türkiye and other nations through its 88 Cultural Centres established in 66 countries.

Türkiye's cultural institution Yunus Emre Enstitüsü that protects major Anatolian civilizations and makes efforts to bring the cultural heritage of this region to various corners of the world, plays a significant role in making the ancient sound of Turkish language heard in the world as well as introducing our historical and cultural heritage. Our Institute, named after Anatolian Sufi Yunus Emre for it represents humanitarian values, humanism and social peace, continues to take steps with the aim of introducing our language and culture in Cultural Centres all around the world.

The Institute, carrying out operations as Türkiye's face in cultural diplomacy, aims to have opened 100 Cultural Centres by 2023 in the 100th foundation anniversary of Turkish Republic, to further promote Türkiye around the world through right sources with Turkish instruction and culture-arts activities, and contribute in world's cultural heritage with events based on intercultural interaction. Accordingly our Institute proceeds with enthusiasm towards the ideals of collaborating with various organisations in order to support scientific and cultural projects, sharing the results through publications with the world public and this way establishing cultural bridges between world cultures.

Best Regards,

Prof. Dr. Şeref ATEŞ