Summer School

Summer School

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

Within the scope of Turkish Summer School program, our Enstitü invites hundreds of students from tens of countries each year to learn Turkish in Turkey and to get to know Turkey better.

Turkish Summer School program is carried out with participation of visiting students who learn Turkish at Yunus Emre Enstitüsü centres abroad and in Turcology departments in numerous countries of the world. In this major organization where only Turkish is used as the language of communication, students get the chance to learn Turkish as well as the culture of the region on-site by visiting the outstanding historical and tourist sites of the cities they visit.

Turkish Summer School, coordinated by our Enstitü,  divided guests from various different cultures into groups of and hosted them in favourite universities in more than twenty cities of Turkey. Students who attend an intensive Turkish course for over one month, go on excursions in surrounding areas, as well as meeting with people who perform traditional crafts and try Turkish handicrafts even briefly.

At the end of Turkish Summer School, hundreds of visiting students who gather for the closing ceremony, spent the last week touring the historical sites and tourist attractions of Istanbul and return to their respective countries as cultural envoys with new experiences and friends.