Photography Exhibition "From Istanbul to Anatolia" Opens in Budapest

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

Budapest Yunus Emre Institute (YEI) introduced Turkish photographer Mustafa Dedeoğlu's photography exhibition titled "From Istanbul to Anatolia" to art lovers within the framework of the Turkish-Hungarian Culture Year events.

Türkiye's Ambassador to Budapest Gülşen Karanis Ekşioğlu, festival officials and photography lovers attended the exhibition, which opened within the scope of the International Budapest Photography Festival, hosted by Budapest YEI.

In his speech here, Ambassador Karanis Ekşioğlu pointed out that such events strengthen the friendly relations between the two countries and said that Mustafa Dedeoğlu's works will contribute to the strengthening of cultural ties between the people of both countries.

Artist Dedeoğlu also expressed his satisfaction with the opening of the exhibition in Budapest and stated that he was honored to share the unique beauties of Türkiye with his photographs with the friendly Hungarian people.

Dedeoğlu made the following assessment:"In addition to the human stories in my photographs, other frequenters of the streets, especially the seagulls, cats and dogs of Istanbul, complement the stories I talk about. I also added Anatolia to my exhibition here. This exhibition will contribute to the strengthening of the cultural bridges between the two countries."

The exhibition, consisting of 40 photographs, reveals Turkey's rich cultural and natural landscapes.

The exhibition consists of impressive photographs taken by Dedeoğlu from various regions of Istanbul and Anatolia. The artist reveals Türkiye's diversity and rich cultural heritage on a journey that extends from the historical peninsula of Istanbul to the far corners of Anatolia.

The exhibition "From Istanbul to Anatolia" can be visited until May 2.