Yunus Emre Institute Brings Art, Innovation and Health Sector Together in Brussels

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Many representatives from Belgium's art, innovation and health sectors attended the event organized by Yunus Emre Institute (YEI) in Brussels on April 16, 2024.

Belgian sector representatives showed great interest in the conference organized in cooperation with YEI and "E-Health Venture", a Brussels-based organization.

At the event, where Belgium's former Minister of Health Maggie de Block and Brussels Municipality Councilor Delphine Houba as well as many Belgian civil society representatives made speeches, it was discussed what role art and innovation can play in the health sector.

In the event, which particularly focused on topics such as art therapy, digital health applications and innovative treatment methods, music and art therapy practices in the Ottoman period were touched upon.

The event also pointed out Türkiye's great success in innovative health practices and health tourism.

YEI's activities around the world were introduced to participants and they were offered tastes from Turkish cuisine.

YEI Belgium Coordinator Bekir Aydin, in his statement, stated that at the end of the conference, important connections and collaborations were established between the participants, contribution was made to the development of innovative and effective solutions for human health, and Türkiye's great potential and innovative practices in this field were emphasized.

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